Ultimate Skincare Business Masterclass

The Ultimate Skincare Business Masterclass

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Do you have a great idea for a skincare business but you are not sure where to start?

You know it’s time for you to do this but you are having a problem taking the leap?

You want to create a ‘Wow’ factor so your brand stands out but you’re not sure how that’s done?

You know you need to fully understand how to produce, brand, cost, market, distribute and fund your new business and that you also need to get to grips with the legislation involved?

Maybe you already have a business but you don’t know how to grow it, outsource production, raise capital and be stocked by major high street stores?

You also know this is your true dream and you can make it happen, you want to be accountable for its success and are prepared to work hard and do whatever it takes to get you there?

I Created This Programme Just For You

I know where you are at because I’ve been there myself.  I’ve built three six figure businesses from point zero and I made lots of hugely expensive mistakes along the way.  This is your opportunity to learn from someone who has really been there and really done it so you can avoid all the potholes.

For over ten years I have been mentoring passionate skincare entrepreneurs on a one to one basis.  Many have built international brands and all of them have gone through the growing pains you are going through now.  I want to help more entrepreneurs and to be more accessible and for this reason I have created this ‘group’ programme where you will have direct access to me and you will also be able to network with likeminded people who are on a similar journey.

Melinda Coss

The Expert In Anything Was Once A Beginner


What Does The Ultimate Skincare Business Masterclass Include?

12 x 60-90 minute live webinars with me and lots of time for questions and answers.

Personal interviews from key industry players who can really help with various stages of your growth.

In depth informational workbooks on various topics
for you to complete. Homework assignments that will
move you forwards in a logical way.

Spreadsheets, cheat sheets and clever tools to help you keep things organised and moving forwards.

Dedicated Facebook group where you can share your journey and successes with other Masterclass participants.

A one to one, one-hour mentoring session with me that you can take any time during the duration of the programme

Evergreen access to recordings of all the webinars and interviews in case you missed a session.

The programme will run over 24 weeks.  Every 2 weeks there will be a live webinar with Q&A and homework covering the topics below.

(Please note that whilst the following is correct as we go to press I reserve the right to change dates and content )

The duration of the webinars will vary between 60 minutes and 90 minutes

Recordings will be available for all the webinars and interviews.



Building a successful business is as much, if not more, about developing your talent as an entrepreneur as it is about the brand and products you want to sell.  You have already shown your determination by joining this programme but do you really know what you want from this business ?  Do you have what it takes to get there?  What are the fears that might stop you moving forwards and how should you deal with them ?  This webinar is all about you, your dreams and your fears and the way to best use your strengths and talents to move your business forwards.

Included in this Module:

  • Live Webinar with Q & A
  • ‘Your Money Story’ written homework assignment
  • ‘Defining What You Really want’ written homework assignment
  • Reading list.


You may have clear ideas around the type of products you want to sell but to succeed in today’s market you need a crystal clear focus on who your customers are and why they will buy your products over someone else’s.   This webinar will help you understand your ideal customers’ age, demographic, buying pattern and how to emotionally engage them so they become loyal to your brand.

Included in this Module:

  • Live Webinar with Q & A
  • ‘Defining Your Ideal Client – Written homework assignment
  • ‘Time Management’ – Written homework assignment.


Whilst you may have great personal communication skills that will help you sell to store buyers once your product is on the shelf or on your website, it is only your brand image that will do the talking.  This webinar will include a recorded interview with me and a key creative brand agency who specialise in beauty brands.   There will also be  a live Q&A session with me following the recording.

Included in this Module:

  • Live Webinar with Q & A
  • Recorded interview with Liz Dalton – Director of Strada Creative Agency.
  • ‘Branding for Success’ written homework assignment.
  • ‘Designer Brief’ written homework assignment.
  • List of recommended suppliers.


How many products should you have in your range and what should they be?  Should you formulate them yourself or who should you go to, to get them created for you?   What products and ingredients are hot and which are not?  We will discuss all these issues and there will also be a recorded interview with someone who knows a great deal about formulating for success.   There will also be a live Q&A session with me following the recording.

Included in this Module:

  • Live Webinar with Q & A
  • Recorded interview with Lorraine Dallmeier, Director of Formula Botanica and special offer for course participants
  • Recorded interview with Karen Gilbert on fragrance
  • Written homework assignment.


The fact is that however much you love making products,  if you are a one man band or even a small team, your business cannot afford to have you making everything yourself as it needs you in charge of building sales, managing your business and actioning brilliant marketing concepts.  In this webinar we will talk about contract manufacturers and there will also be a recorded interview with a key manufacturer.

There will also be a live Q&A with me following the recording.

Included in this Module:

  • Live Webinar with Q & A
  • Recorded interview with Giles Bovill of Inovia International – key contract manufacturer and bulk supplier of essential oils.
  • Manufacturer’s brief for you to complete.


Are you up to speed with all the legal requirements involved around managing a skincare brand.  In this webinar we will discuss the trading restrictions you have to take into account and there will also be a recorded interview with a cosmetic safety assessor. There will also be a live Q&A with me following the recording.

Included in this Module:

  • Live Webinar with Q & A
  • Recorded interview with Joanne Priestly  a Chartered Biologist and Pharmacological researcher working with Scott Grainger at  cosmeticsafety assessments.com
  • List of resources
  • Assessment submission form.


It is very easy to sell a huge amount of something when you are making nothing money wise !  Profit is sanity. Turnover is vanity.  This webinar will help you to get to grips with your positioning and to analyse your costings and margins so that all your brilliant efforts get you what you really want – a truly successful business.

Included in this Module:

  • Live Webinar with Q & A
  • Custom Built Excel costing and time and motion spreadsheet
  • Costing homework assignment.


Is it your dream to sell into supermarkets or other mega stores ?  In this module I will be showing you a recorded interview with a key category buyer who has bought toiletries for a number of large chain stores including Superdrug.  I will also talk about my own experience with selling to supermarkets and gear you up for what you should expect.

Included in this Module:

  • Live Webinar with Q & A
  • Recorded interview with Helen Jarvis, formerly a Senior Toiletries Buyer at Sainsbury’s, Safeway and Superdrug.
  • Recorded interview with Rachel Whittaker on Distribution


In this module, we look at how to build a social media campaign, get yourself out there and engage your tribe.

Included in this Module:

  • Live Webinar with Q & A
  • Recorded lesson on using Instagram with Jackie Elton
  • Recorded interview with Cadi Jordan on Social Media Strategy
  • Recorded interview with Miranda Bishop of Talking Social Media
  • Social Media Tools, Tricks and Tips.


Your potential buyer is online because she/he is searching for something specific.  You have around 10 seconds to convince her that she is in the right place to find it.  This webinar will focus on designing content so that it has maximum ‘stay with me’ appeal and communicates your message in the clearest possible terms.  We will also discuss website platforms and other simple techy tools that will help you build and manage a mailing list.

Included in this Module:

  • Live Webinar with Q & A
  • ‘Website and Sales Pitch’ –  written homework assignment
  • Resources list.


During this webinar we will take everything you have learnt and translate it into earnings.  This module includes a spreadsheet that will help you control your cashflow and a  spreadsheet that will put you into a position to properly manage your sales.  It also includes a business plan template for you to fill in and submit to me for comment.

Included in this Module:

  • Live Webinar with Q & A
  • Custom built Excel cashflow spreadsheet to help you plot your sales
  • Excel sales spreadsheet
  • Business Plan Template (written homework assignment).


Where do you find and how do you pitch to an investor ?  What do they really need to know to make that important ‘Yes’ decision?  In this module you will learn about how investors/business angels think and what you need to do to prepare to pitch to them.

Included in this Module:

  • Live Webinar with Q & A
  • Recorded interview with an Angel network expert
  • Elevator pitch homework assignment.

...and there is more!

On some of the weeks between sessions you will also be able to hear recorded interviews with other experts including Karen Gilbert on the importance of fragrance and Trevor Gregory of Trade Right International on running a Social Enterprise.  Dates and times to be announced soon but recordings for all interviews will be available for you, should you miss them.

You will also be able to ask me questions throughout the course in our dedicated Facebook group,  The Ultimate Skincare Masterclass.

Why Do You Need This Programme?

There are two ways of setting up your own business, trusting to luck that you’ll get it right or learning from someone who has been there and done it.  Either way, you are entering a market where competition is growing on a daily basis. In addition, the amount of tasks you need to complete can feel overwhelming. You need to be able to keep your focus and learn how to eat this elephant one bite at a time. By investing in this programme you can rest assured that you will have access to the right knowledge and support throughout the start of your journey.

In order to succeed and make money in today’s marketplace you need to be sure that your proposition is sound, your range is super special and you know how to communicate your message.  You also need to understand the bottom line and how to maintain it.  There are lots of banana skins on the road waiting to trip you up and by investing in expert advice right from the start I guarantee you will save yourself a great deal of time and money going forwards.

Melinda has a huge knowledge of the industry, and more importantly is able to strategically distill that wisdom in to actionable insights.  Melinda personally supported me, challenging and encouraging me in equal measures allowing me to drive forward the business. I can’t recommend highly enough.

Olga Rumble, Founder at The Rose Tree

Why Am I Offering You This Programme?

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been hugely fortunate.  I’ve worked hard and done pretty well  but the truth is I couldn’t have done it without getting help from mentors such as the Commercial Director of Laura Ashley International and the financier behind Space NK.  I got fabulous support along the way and I know that my journey would have been a great deal harder (if not impossible) had I not invested in continuous access to expert advice and support.  In addition I know how lonely the journey can be.  There are plenty of places you can pick up factual information but a big part of your success will be dependant on your ability to move forwards in a logical way, to keep up momentum, calm your fears and to be accountable.  It is invaluable to have someone to hold your hand through your journey.

This programme is a potted version of my highly successful one to one, 16 week mentoring programme.  If you find yourself needing extra help from me during this process, one to one Skypes will be made available to you at a reduced hourly rate or you will have the option to switch over to my 16 week one to one mentoring programme at http://www.melindacoss.com/16weeks

Nothing in life has given me a greater buzz than working with my VIP one to one mentoring clients and watching them grow their businesses and their self-confidence.  I know start up entrepreneurs have great fears around investing money in themselves so the group programme is my way of making a huge amount of experience and help available to you for a smaller investment.   If you are serious about growing this business and you are willing to be accountable.  This is for you.


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This programme is available to you for the amazingly low price of £1500 or, 3 monthly installments of £550. (includes administration fee).

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The programme runs for 24 weeks and starts week beginning 21st May 2019. 

If you are ready to join me click here but if you would like the chance to have a quick chat with me prior to enrolling you can set up a 15 minute Skype Discovery call and we can establish whether I really think I can help you.  If I don’t believe I can, I will not take money from you.  I am looking for applicants who are passionate about their dream but realistic about the time, money and effort they will need to make this happen for them.


Check out Melinda’s signature 16 week, VIP one to one programme here


Melinda Coss